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Unveiled by 20-time champion jockey Tony McCoy, the equine outfit -- labeled a "world first" -- was worn by veteran racehorse Morestead ahead of this week's Cheltenham Festival, one of Britain's most prestigious jump meetings.

"Some models can be real divas, but Morestead was calm and a pleasure to work with," said the suit's creator Emma Sandham-King, who is an apprentice of the late Alexander McQueen.

"Creating the world's first tweed suit for a horse has been one of the biggest challenges that I have faced in my career as a designer," added Sandham-King, who together with her…

Trapped behind a barbed wire fence, the white-haired, elderly farmer hacks at the bare branches of his fruit trees, scavenging much needed fuel to ward off the biting cold of the Georgian winter.

"They don't let me go," he says, plaintively. "I'm stuck here. Where should I go? I don't have food, bread, I don't have anything. What should I do? Kill myself?"

To Georgians, Vanishvili is the desperate face of a frozen conflict, a victim of what some call the "creeping border" -- and Georgia calls the "line of occupation."

His home straddles the disputed line…

Di Vi

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